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Court Updates

SRA is closely monitoring court closures and access restrictions nationwide and has proactively implemented a variety of contingent processes to maintain the level of service that you’ve come to expect. Even with these contingencies in place, you may see a degradation of service in certain regions as government officials continue to close or curtail access to government offices and online systems which impact our ability to provide court research services. 

In order to apprise our customers of current closures which may affect our court research services, we are updating this page regularly with information on court closures and possible delays. Please note that while we are providing the best available information we have, due to the ever-changing nature of events related to COVID-19, accuracy is not guaranteed.  

We remain dedicated to providing your business with accurate and timely court research services and appreciate your trust in Appriss Insights during these challenging times.  

STATUS AS OF January 25, 2022
***All new updates are bolded below***
Court Closures & Delays

Crittenden AR 01/06/2022 01/25/2022 TBD Marion District Court is closed due to Omicron Virus until further notice.
Pima AZ 01/10/2022 01/25/2022 01/28/2022 DELAYS: Courthouse Construction: Researchers will be down to 3 terminals and will have time limits.
Guam INT 010/03/2021 01/25/2022 TBD Relative to the Guam-CRIM delays, the Superior Court personnel are experiencing personal crisis with regard to COVID-19. We expect continued delays till this shortage of personnel is resolved.
Alameda CA 01/04/2021 01/25/2022 TBD All Pats are down for repairs.
Solano CA 11/20/2021 01/25/2022 TBD DELAYED – 1 PAT w/ 30 min time limit, clerks assistance, if needed, has an approx 10 day TAT. Clerks office has further reduced their hours due to being short staffed with COVID closing daily at 12:00.
 Santa Clara CA 01/13/2022 01/25/2022 01/31/2022 All public access is Closed due to Covid.
San Diego CA 12/29/2021 01/25/2022 TBD North County Branch: is not processing any requests at this time as they are going through a state mandated renovation and no physical cases within the court can be accessed.
Kings CA 11/20/2021 01/25/2022 TBD DELAY/CLOSURE – The court lobby remains closed to the public. PAT access by appointment only and there is a drop box. Expect Delays.
Los Angeles CA 08/24/2021 N/A TBD Los Angeles CA PII 08.24.21

As California moves forward with redaction of PII from online and in-court PATs, we will face some challenges in volume-heavy areas. Within the past month, Los Angeles has pulled the DOB filter from the online index and replaced it with a months and year of birth (M&YOB) filter. Appriss utilizes the in-court process as it’s always been the most accurate, timely, and price-effective process for our clients. Late last week, the in-court PAT replaced a full DOB with a M&YOB.


What does this mean for searches in this county?

The month and year are still available on the PAT, but even the clerk will not verify more than month and year.
Defendants who physically appear in court are the only ones allowed to have full DOB accessed.
Attorneys are also excluded from the PII and will not be able to access the full DOB.

Appriss is currently working to assess the impact on our searches both in turnaround time and clerk fees. The Superior court hasn’t yet indicated a fee schedule for the assistance linked with confirmation of Month and Year (M&YOB) on searches. We will continue to update clients as we obtain firm information.


California & Michigan DOB Redaction Information – Professional Background Screening Association (

Stanislaus CA 01/24/2022 02/04/2022 Due to the increased number of COVID-19 cases and staffing shortages, Clerk’s Offices will be closed to the public
beginning Monday, January 24, 2022, through and including Friday, February 4, 2022.
Bibb GA 12/29/2021 01/25/2022 TBD This court has closed due to a COVID Outbreak, however, the only searches that will be impacted are searches that need clerk assistance or file pulls.
Carroll GA 11/30/2021 01/25/2022 TBD DELAYED: Expect delays on HITS. clerk assistance needed. Sentencing info not available on the PAT.

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  • This regular update is limited in scope to the jurisdictions in which SRA provides court research services. 
  • Any updates following the time of publication shown above will not be reflected until the next update.  
  • Due to the ever-changing nature of events, SRA does not guarantee the accuracy of the information provided herein. 
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