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With over 20 years of experience in the background screening industry, SRA is able to deliver the ultimate background screening products and services for myriad industries. Our priority is establishing long-lasting relationships with customers by providing them with unsurpassed customer service every day.

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SRA is an established PBSA accredited background screening company that has been awarded a federal General Service Administration (GSA) five-year contract for background screening and investigative services. Our pursuit of client satisfaction is never-ending as we continuously improve our products and services based on client needs, recommendations and internal audits/inspections of our process, procedures and performance. Because the needs of clients differ, SRA specializes in custom screening packages as well as integrations directly between our clients’ platforms and our own — creating a more seamless user experience. We constantly strive to establish strong and close client relationships and look forward to adding your company to our satisfied clientele!

SRA has office locations in Florida, Texas, California, Israel, New York, and Ireland.

A pre-employment background check is a detailed summary of information collected on a job applicant or future tenant. Public records may contain applicant’s information which may include bankruptcies, workers compensation claims as well as criminal record data. If a company wishes to do a credit history check, written consent forms will be needed from the applicant, according to the Fair Credit Reporting Act. Once all the information is collected a snapshot of the applicant’s history is provided to the company.

It all depends on the industry as well as the requirements of the position. For example, a more thorough search would need to be conducted on an applicant that would handle liquid capital versus a candidate applying for a job to be a business development manager. The most common checks are both criminal record and reference checks.

Conducting a Social Security Number (SSN) trace allows for a more thorough criminal background check search. People have the ability to change their names either through marriage or create a new alias. Furthermore, SRA is able to find more information on the applicant and may pick up a record in other counties.

At SRA we pride ourselves with top tier customer service and our turnaround times. SRA has an average turnaround time of 24 hours or one business day. In rare occurrences, it can take up to 72 hours or three business days. These delays may happen depending on the depth of the search such as international; search or a worst-case scenario, such as court closures.

Here at SRA, we tailor make packages for our client’s needs and try to be as competitive as possible against the industry standard pricing. Based on the check and volume needed from the company SRA will provide the best price possible.So, follow the link to book a consultation with one of our managers and receive a free quotation. What are you waiting for you have nothing to lose!

The answer is yes as certain state laws require either electronic or written consent from the applicant before a third-party vendor such as SRA can conduct various checks. SRA is FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act) certified (renewed every two years) and compliant.

This all depends on how thorough the checks need to be depending on the organization’s needs. At SRA we have found that most of the companies we work with conduct:

  1. Criminal Record Checks
  2. SSN Trace
  3. County Searches
  4. Federal Searches

A criminal check looks to see if the person you are looking to hire has any connections with arrests, federal employment, naturalization, or military service.  The most common way to check the above is through searches in county, national and statewide criminal history searches. More comprehensive checks trace an applicant’s SSN as well as conducting a sex offender check.

Companies differ in industry and job requirements as well as industry and state laws. For example, if you are hiring a truck driver, doing a driving records check will be more useful. However, if a company is hiring an armored driver (a person that is driving a van or truck full of valuables) it would be most beneficial to conduct a credit check, criminal check and driving record check. Best speak to your legal team and to consult with them on what the most important checks are so SRA can conduct them according to industry and state standards.

This again depends on industry and job requirements. At SRA we have various verifications in:

  1. Employment
  2. E-Verify
  3. Education
  4. Professional Licensure

Our highly trained research team will make sure that all details on a candidate’s resume are accurate and complete.

Here at SRA, we are ethically driven and we comply with the law and the standards of the industry. We adhere to professional standards to make sure you get the correct information. We do this by knowing and understanding the requirements of the consumer protection act, equal opportunity commission and complying with the fair credit reporting act and the state statute.

It is a recommended practice to make a job offer prior to doing a background check on the job applicant unless the state law prohibits an offer be made before doing a background check. In this case it would be best to consult your legal team to know your state laws in advance.

In order to receive an accurate background check SRA will need to be provided with the applicant’s date of birth, social security number as well as the first and last name spelled correctly.

SRA is compliant with (FACT) Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act and FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act) compliant. FACT entitles customers to request one free copy of their consumer files from certain background check companies during each 12-month cycle. For more information on employee or tenant rights please follow the link.


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We understand how diverse HR workflows can be, which is why we start by helping you simplify everything. With the most technical integrations in the industry, we are poised to make the complex more efficient and effective.
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