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Striking the Balance: Achieving Efficient and Accurate Background Checks in Hiring

In today’s competitive job market, organizations across industries strive to fill positions promptly. However, in the pursuit of speed, it’s essential to maintain a balance between efficiency and accuracy in background screening processes. In this blog post, we explore the importance of striking this balance and highlight the key factors to consider when conducting background

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New York’s Clean Slate Deal: Balancing Felony Exemptions in Automatic Sealing and the Impact on Background Checks

June 14, 2023 Introduction: New York’s recent Clean Slate deal has achieved a significant milestone in criminal justice reform, bringing attention to the exemptions for serious felonies in automatic sealing and its implications for background checks. This legislation exemplifies the delicate balance between rehabilitation and public safety. Let’s explore the details of this groundbreaking agreement

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U.S. Legislation That May Impact Background Screening In 2023: Part Three – Pay Transparency Laws Address Wage Equality And Negotiation Empowerment

Forbes Article, June 8, 2013 Introduction: In the realm of background screening practices, 2023 witnesses legislative efforts in the United States to address pay transparency, wage equality, and negotiation empowerment. These measures aim to promote fairness and equality in the workplace by addressing the gender pay gap and empowering employees during salary negotiations. In this

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U.S. Legislation That May Impact Background Screening In 2023: Part Two – Cannabis Culture

Forbes Article, April 12, 2023 Introduction: In the realm of background screening practices, the year 2023 brings forth legislation in the United States that has the potential to significantly impact the treatment of cannabis-related offenses. As the cultural perception and legal landscape surrounding cannabis continue to evolve, lawmakers are taking steps to address concerns related

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Written Permission to Conduct a Background Check

In order for an employer to conduct a background check for employment purposes the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) requires written permission from the applicant to authorize the employer to conduct a background check through a third-party provider; a background screening company. This written authorization cannot be part of the company’s employment application but must

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What is a Person Search?

A person search is a search product that provides current and previous addresses associated with a person’s social security number. The search provides the full addresses and approximate dates the person’s name and social security were associated with a particular location. The search will also provide variations of the person’s name being searched. Many dealerships

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